What's this frozen custard?!

Here at Top Round, roast beef is our thing.  So what's this about frozen custard? 


From the moment we open until the last roast beef sandwich is wrapped, we’re serving up frozen custard sundaes, concretes, shakes and cones. 

We call our custards ice cream’s cool cousin.  Frozen custard is richer, denser: it contains more egg yolks and milkfat than ice cream, and has less air whipped into it.  Ice cream can contain up to 50% air, and is made ahead of time, then stored. Our frozen custard is made fresh in store. Because it’s made on site and not prefrozen, there’s a lot less crystallization, meaning it’s silky smooth!


If you’ve enjoyed one of our custards, you may have noticed they’re served at a higher temperature than ice cream.  This allows your taste buds to “true taste”, unlike ice cream served at lower temperatures which tends to numb or freeze your taste buds. 

But enjoy your custard quick, chop chop!